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Notification for free studentship belonging to BPL category 12/03/2024
Notification for scholarship 04/11/2023
Free Studentship for students admitted in Spring Semester 2023 (continuing batch) 30/05/2023
Scholarship for Differently Abled Students pursuing Medical and Technical Education 10/05/2022
Tamil Nadu BC/MBC/DNC students scholarship 31/12/2021
National Overseas Scholarship scheme (NOS)/Passage grant Scheme for ST candidates for the year 2021-22 31/12/2021
National Fellowship & scholarship for Higher Education of ST students for the year 2021-22 31/12/2021
Foundation For Excellence India Trust Scholarship 13/09/2021
Scholarship for Differently Abled Students with Disabilities pursuing Medical & Technical Education for the year 2021-22 13/09/2021
Notification regarding availing multiple Scholarships 07/12/2020
Scholarship Notice 06/10/2020
Apply for fresh and renewal scholarship of Ishan Uday special scholarship scheme, minority scholarship etc. through NSP portal 17/09/2020
Resubmission of the Online Applications which are marked as defective at Institute level 08/07/2020
Scholarship to the Students with Disabilities (PWD) for the year 2019-20 10/01/2020
Deadline for submitting hard copies of documents uploaded on National Scholarship Portal (NSP) (Limited Circulation) 29/11/2019
Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students for the year 2017-18 (including renewal) (Limited Circulation) 16/09/2019
Notice on Ishan Uday Special Scholarship (Limited Circulation) 22/03/2019
Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Notice for requirement of Continuation Certificate
Ishan Uday Special Scholarship, P.G. Indira Gandhi Single Girl Child and University Rank Holder Scholarship (Limited Circulation)
The Director, Welfare of Schedule Caste, Assam has invited Applications for the Post Matric Scholarship to SC Students of Assam for the year 2018-19. (Limited Circulation)

Submission of Documents for Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

Application Invited for Pre-Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students under the Directorate of Welfare of Plain Tribes & Backward Classes, Assam